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Metaphora Meetings

Metaphora supports multi stakeholder dialogue in participatory change processes to contribute to social and organisational meaningful outcomes. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of individuals and organisations by making information, ideas and opinions visible and in this way arrive at better decisions for all parties involved.

Metaphora ondersteunt mensen en organisaties bij het effectiever en zinvoller werken aan maatschappelijke en organisatiedoelen in veranderprocessen en bijeenkomsten.

De naam Metaphora staat voor overdracht van betekenis. Metaphora werkt aan de verbinding van mensen met organisatiedoelen en elkaar door het uitwisselen van betekenis tussen mensen.

Onze software Metaphora Meetings maakt meningen, informatie en ideeën zichtbaar. Website:

Why Metaphora Meetings?

Easy to Use

M-Meetings is easy to use for the facilitator and for participants. The facilitator can prepare sessions in advance and it is possible to adjust to the need of the group right on the spot by adding some questions. People work on their own device.

Data Visualization

A unique feature of M-Meetings is the possibility to make a data visualization right after the collected input. It is easy to see what the input is in an objective way and show this immediately to the the participants.

Increase Participation

Every group is a mix of unique people. This tool gives participants the ability to bring their perspective and thoughts which leads to deeper understanding. People will feel acknowledged and heard.

Time and Location Independent

Since flex working becomes more popular in all kind of companies, this tool facilitates working from distance. Being time and location independent is how the new companies are going to work. It is possible to set a session, and people can participate immediately or later


After a meeting there is always someone responsible for collecting the input, this is a lot of work. M-Meetings provides the digital input in a document, including the data visualization. This is making reports more efficient.

Theme Customization

To increase the connection with the participants it is important to appeal them. This is possible by the lay-out customizations offered by M-Meetings. With this feature every session can have its own sphere.


"I used Metaphora during a kick-off for a training program for our commercial teams. Using Metaphora, we asked all 140 participants what they thought the objective of the program was. We very quickly got an impression from each individual about their expectations of the program and this enabled us to brainstorm around individual goals and needs and to connect this to the overall objectives of the program. Metaphora is a tool that we will use often."
Ludo Treffers Senior trainer/Adviseur - Manpower Group
Ik ben een grote fan en frequente gebruiker van Metaphora. Het is een perfecte interactieve tool voor wie een stap verder wil dan quizjes en taartdiagrammen. Met Metaphora kom je een laag dieper en zet je zaken in beweging.
Judith de Bruijn Dagvoorzitter en facilitator